Season 3


45. Crackdown

46. The Vanished

47. Emancipation

48. Deja Vu

49. Once and Future World

50. Thicker Than Blood

51. A Little Bit of Heaven

52. Pad'ar

53. In Memory

54. The Cloister

55. Interview

They have come to Earth with the promise of peace.  An alien race called the Taelons.
But there are those who resist these alien Companions,

for the Taelons' true mission ...
the secrets they hide ...
will forever alter our world.

The fate of humanity now relies on those who dare challenge the future of Earth.

56. Keep Your Enemies Closer

57. Scorched Earth

58. Subterfuge

59. Sanctuary

60. Through Your Eyes

61. Time Bomb

62. The Fields

63. Apparition

64. One Taelon Avenue

65. Abduction

66. Arrival

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