Season 4


67. The Forge of Creation

68. Sins of the Father

69. First Breath

70. Limbo

71. Motherlode

72. Take No Prisoners

73. Second Wave

74. Essence

75. Phantom Companion

76. Dream Stalker

77. Lost Generation

They have come to Earth with the promise of peace.  An alien race called the Taelons.
But there are those who resist these alien Companions,

for the Taelons' true mission ...
the secrets they hide ...
will forever alter our world.

The fate of humanity now relies on those who dare challenge the future of Earth.

78. The Summit

79. Dark Matter

80. Keys to the Kingdom

81. Street Chase

82. Trapped By Time

83. Atonement

84. Blood Ties

85. Hearts and Minds

86. Epiphany

87. Dark Horizons

88. Point of No Return

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