Season 2


23. The First of its Kind

24. Atavus

25. A Stitch in Time

26. Dimensions

27. Moonscape

28. The Sleepers

29. Fissures

30. Redemption

31. Isabel

32. Between Heaven and Hell

33. The Gauntlet

They are the companions,
aliens come to Earth
on a mission of peace -
their true mission,
the secrets they hide,
forever altering humanity.

Caught in a struggle between these Taelon Companions and the human resistance is Liam Kincaid, a man who is more than human.
The mysteries of his past hold the key to Earth's future and the fate of mankind.

34. One Man's Castle

35. Second Chances

36. Payback

37. Friendly Fire

38. Volunteers

39. Bliss

40. Hijacked

41. Defector

42. Heroes & Heartbreak

43. Message in a Bottle

44. Crossfire

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