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SpaceView is a German sci-fi magazine.  It is published once in two months.


The latest articles published about E:FC are the following:



  • "Mission Erde - Wie alles begann"
    [E:FC - How everything began]
    A detailed background info on the series and the story in season 1, some very nice photos and a few links to interesting pages
    SpaceView 1/02 January/February 2002   p. 58 - 61

  • "Mission Erde - Der letzte Konflikt"
    [E:FC - The final conflict]
    Summary of the story-line in season 2 to 4 and short infos about season 5. Plus: summary of Gene Roddenberry's original story-line
    SpaceView 2/02 March/April 2002   p. 58 - 61

  • "Mission Erde - Die letzte Staffel"
    [E:FC - The final conflict]
    Further infos about the changes in season 5. Plus: an interview with Von Flores and Jayne Heitmeyer concerning their role in the last season of E:FC.
    SpaceView 5/02 September/October 2002   p. 34 - 35


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